December 25, 2007

August 28, 2007


That perfectly pure Sahaja is in everything
and with that Sahaja all religious people gather together.
Sankara began his sadhana in this Sahaja,
Sukdeva, Sanaka and others also followed this Sahaja way.
Devotees like Sojha, Pipa, Sena and Dhana
all have drunk of this Sahaja-bliss in the natural way.
Raidas was also a sadhaka of Sahaja,
and Guru Dadu also realised infinite bliss in this Sahaja path.

Sundardas (1596-1689) was a disciple of the Rajasthani saint, Dadu Dayal. His writings, along with Dadu’s songs and sayings, became the core of the Dadu-panth’s teachings.
Sukadev, the son of Vyas, and Sanaka were semi-mythical sages from before the Kali yuga period. Several earlier Rajasthani saints are mentioned: Sojha was a householder who, along with his wife Sojhi, abandoned their children to become ascetics; King Pipaji (1383-1453) gave up his throne to follow a religious life; Sena (or Sai’n)(c.1500) was a barber in the court of the Bandhogarh king Rajaram who became the king’s guru. Raidas (or Ravidas) (c.1450-1525), was a disciple of Ramanand, and a close associate of Kabir.

June 04, 2007

Guru Nanak

There are many references to Sahaja in the writings of Guru Nanak (1469-1539), preserved in the Adi Granth.

Mera mani mera man eara Ram piyara Ram

Believe me, my mind is imbued with love of my beloved Rama
The Lord is the truth. He is the primal person, He is beyond all limits.
Him I have accepted as my Rama
He is beyond reach, beyond comprehension of the senses

Beyond our most distant horizons.
He is the Great God who presides over everything.
He was before everything else;
He was when Time began,
He is and ever shall be.
Believe me all else is falsehood.
He who knows not the worth of good deeds and piety,
How can he understand anything?
How shall he attain salvation?
Sayeth Nanak, the saintly know the Word
Day and night they meditate upon the Name.

Believe me my mind has accepted the Name of Rama as its companion
I know that neither ego nor things I love nor wealth will go with me, O Rama!
Neither mother nor father, brother nor sons
Nor any of cunning devices nor property will help you take them or your wives with you.
I have forsaken wealth, divorced maya [illusion] from my mind and crushed her under my foot.

The Primal Lord showed me the way
Wherever I turn I see Him.

Sayeth Nanak, abandon not the worship of Hari,
By the gentle path of Sahaja, you will attain Him.

Believe me, my mind has been purified,
It seeks the Truth, O Rama!
My sins are forgiven,
I am at the meeting of rivers of virtue, O Rama!
I abandon evil ways and tread the path of virtue;
I am at the gate of Truth,
I shall not be born to die,
I have imbibed the quintessence of the guru’s teaching.
Noble Friend! Learned Companion!
When I meet Thee I see the Truth and am exalted.
O Nanak, the jewel of the Name glitters,
Such is the message of the guru!

Truth is the salve
This salve I apply to my own eyes,
I beheld the Lord and loved Him, O Rama!
My mind and body rejoiced in Him.
He gives life to the world, He is bountiful, O Rama!
He is the giver of life to the world,
He is the Bountiful Lord.
I have dyed my mind with the colours of Hari’s Name,
By the gentle way of Sahaj He blended me with Him.

I found the company of holy men
Companionship of the congregation
By the grace of God I achieved tranquility.
Seekers immerse in the worship of Hari,
Conquer the cravings of attachment and desire.
Sayeth Nanak, once the ego is destroyed
The fortunate ones are confirmed in their faith.